Day Three & Four

Missed blogging yesterday. Here’s the scoop on the last two days.

Made some whole wheat bread last night. Figured out what I did wrong the first time and that was I didn’t let my yeast “sponge” long enough (I did 2 minutes instead of 20). This time was a success – two delicious and healthy loaves! It was a hit with the family. Next time, though, I think I’ll try the white whole wheat flour. It’s said that it makes a less dense loaf. Red wheat (which is the brown whole wheat we think of when we hear “whole wheat”) makes a darker, denser loaf than the white wheat, but the nutritional values are the same. So we’ll give that a shot next time.

We went “into town” for some shopping today. Saved $32.05 at one store, and I haven’t figured up the other store yet. So I’m up to $43.65 in savings in just four days! Maybe this process won’t be as slow as I had thought… Also, I’ve managed to get our stores up discreetly. I think we could easily survive a week on what we have tucked away. So, goal #1 is done!

Tomorrow I may make some more bread. I’m not sure what my plans are yet.

Happy Independence Day, America! Don’t forget the reasons we were founded, and fight the good fight!


Day Two: Shopping Trip

Alright, I got home yesterday and had a few minutes before I needed to start supper, so I ran to the local Wal-Mart armed with a few coupons, a sale item, and a price match item. Managed to save $5.50. Which isn’t a whole lot, but hey, it’s $5 more than I had stashed away.

The Man of the House thinks I’ve gone off the deep end. I mentioned saving the money I saved to put back some food into long-term storage and he said next I’d be planning out a bunker. I tried to laugh it off but it kind of annoyed me. I’ll work on him and see if I can’t get him to see the benefits of having some food stored away or some animals around.

Day One: Preparing to Start

America is going downhill, and fast. I’m not going to go into detail about my personal political views, but let’s just say I’m not happy with the system as it is. Nor am I happy with the American people. As it is, I have decided to start my homesteading life with the intentions of one day going off-grid.

I have only just started the planning stage as of 7/1/15 (last night). I am starting by planning out some financials so that I can begin storing food long-term.

Let me say, at the present time, I do not even have a garden, let alone a homestead with animals and such. I do, however, live in a rural area with a small amount of land that will allow me to have a garden and raise animals when I get to that point. But for now, we are focusing on a week’s worth of food stored away.

I have started the process by clipping a few coupons and price shopping. As I said, I live in a rural area and all we have locally is a small Wal-Mart. Therefore, I selected the sites for a small city about half an hour away, and plan on shopping at a few various stores there.¬†For more specialty items, I’m sure I will have to shop online. We also belong to a warehouse store, for bulk items.

Last night I accomplished part of my shopping lists and got a few of my coupons clipped. Now, I’m not (yet) an extreme couponer, and I’m not sure if the 10 coupons I clipped will really make a difference or not, but I have to think that it will help in the long run. I think perhaps I’ll use each computer we own to print duplicates and split them between the stores I’ll go to. That should double or triple my savings.

I’ve also scoured the weekly ads for price comparison to get the best deals, but also to get price matches. This’ll add just a bit more to my savings.

I think I’m going to put the small change I save in an Animals fund to save up to buy myself a milk cow and a few chickens. It’ll take a while unless I get really serious about clipping coupons but this is going to be a slow process. As it is, I have nowhere to put any animals so that’ll have to be addressed first anyway.

The last homesteading thing I tried last night was to bake some wheat bread. What a flop. I think my yeast was old or maybe I used too cool of water with it or something… whatever I did, it didn’t rise so I had to throw it out. I’ll get some more yeast at the store and try again, perhaps with a more detailed recipe.

So, that’s Day One in a nutshell. I’m going to go finish my shopping lists and clip a few more coupons!