Day Ten

Well, still not feeling the best, but I’ve managed to keep working on my binder and to sew a few more “unpaper” towels/rags.

I also inventoried our downstairs stores and found that we have quite a bit of stuff. More than I expected. I’m sure that, combined with what we have upstairs in the pantry, we could easily survive a week. I’m actually thinking about challenging myself to cook on just what we have at the house, no running to the store or eating out, just to see if we actually would last a week (I’m fairly confident that we could).

Other than that, I’ve just been reading, reading, reading. I’ve been watching the news on a new site (SHTFplan) instead of being spoon-fed the garbage the government wants us to hear or suffering from the sensationalism that most news agencies use to gain viewers/readers.

My binder is coming together. I’ve printed out a calculated list of how much of each food I need to store for 1 month/3 months/6 months/1 year for each person. It’s a little overwhelming to think that I need over 1000 lbs (half a ton) of grains for a family of four! It is terribly daunting to think of gathering that much food, storing it, rotating it out, making sure it’s stored properly and safely… and to do it all alone AND with disapproval from The Man of the House (he thinks I’ve gone off the deep end).

I did find out today where I can get some cheap free-range eggs (locally), and when the local Amish farmer’s markets are going to be. I’m hoping to get about 25 chickens to put in the freezer, as well as some produce to can or freeze (or EAT!).

Lastly, I’ve continued to gather recipes for my recipe binder that use all the stored food items I will be putting away, as well as recipes for ways to preserve and store food.


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