Day Seven, Eight, & Nine

I’ve been ill the past few days so I haven’t gotten a lot done. I have been reading though. I’ve come across several good ideas, including a survival binder (because internet and computer access may not always be possible), how to defend your home and family in the case of intruders/attackers, and ways to slowly build your stores of food and what exactly to store.

Today’s mission is to make a menu plan for a year of meals (sounds way harder than it is – you do one week of meals and multiply each day by 52) for breakfast and supper. You list the ingredients for the recipe and then multiply it out so you know exactly how much you need for the year. I’ve gotten a week of suppers done so far and I think I may end up doing two weeks (multiply each by 26) so that we have more variety. Also recommended was storing ingredients for a daily loaf of bread.

Problem is, I have no way of cooking if the electricity goes out. I live in an all-electric home so if something happens to the power grid, I’m SOL. So we’re going to have to work on that…

If you’re interested in the survival binder, I suggest you head over to Prepared Housewives and take a look at hers. It looks fantastic.


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