Day Six

I got another 9 1/2 jelly jars of cherry jam canned today! (Well, we didn’t can the 1/2 jar, we ate it!) No bread today. I chose to spend some time with my son, so we watched a movie. Not sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow – I have class part of the day so I’m not sure I’ll have time for a whole lot. Perhaps tomorrow should just be a cleaning day…

Next on my project list, though, is strawberry jam! The cherry jam was absolutely delicious and that’s coming from someone who’s not a huge jelly fan. But then, I’d never had homemade cherry jam before! (Seriously, if you’ve never had it, TRY IT.) I used the recipe from Moms Need to Know. Great recipe, though the directions are a little lacking. If you’re interested, the yield is 9-10 jelly jars. And when she says 4 cups of cherries, this is the cherry puree you make, not whole or even halved cherries. Took a little trial and error to figure it out, but the recipe, as I said, makes some seriously delicious jam!

For the strawberry jam, I’ll be using The Pioneer Woman’s recipe (here’s part II, since there’s no link on the page). It’s pretty much the same recipe except with strawberries. She also advocates the use of half a pat of butter to reduce the foam. I didn’t remove the foam on the cherry jam because I wasn’t sure what the issue with it was, but I did a little research and experts say two things: the foam doesn’t taste very good (which The Pioneer Woman contradicts by saying she loves it on toast…) and that it perhaps reduces the storage life. But since ours won’t be stored too long, I don’t think it’ll be an issue. That being said, I will still probably skim the foam off of the strawberry jam. Just in case…

Due to my inability to sleep tonight, I’m going to do some research on herbal medicine and basic first aid. My father is a doctor but I can’t swear that he’ll be here when the country collapses, I want to know how to take care of those issues. I am CPR certified, so that’s a plus, but I don’t know much about trauma and injuries, and herbal medicine is totally new to me. I’ve found some interesting recipes for things like antibiotic ointment. I’ll have to look into the ingredients and see if they are super expensive or short shelf-life to see if it’s practical for me to invest in right away to get some experience with it. The antibiotic ointment calls for several different kinds of essential oils and I have zero experience with those.

Lastly, I’ll be taking a conceal & carry class this month to learn how to use my recently purchased firearm. I’m terrified of guns, but I’m determined to be able to protect myself and my son. I’m not taking the class primarily for the permit to conceal my weapon, mostly I just need to learn how to use it and get some experience with it.

I also found an interesting article on reinforcing entry doors. If you’re interested, I found it on The Family Handyman. I think this will also be a priority on my project list. When things go down, everyone’s going to flock to those that are prepared and have supplies. I’ll be ready.


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